Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Poor Man's Wallpaper

Stencils used to make me think of grapevines on grubby kitchen walls. But when I wanted to dress up my entryway, wallpaper was out of the question (out of the budget and out of the rules). So I went hunting. And I began to realize that stencils are one of God's greatest gifts to anyone with big taste and a little budget. Here is what I came up with using a $30 stencil and some leftover paint:


There is an updated world of beautiful stencils for all of us who love the drama of crisp contrasts and cool patterns. One of my favorite sources is Sunny's Goodtime Paints:



Another great one is Royal Design Studios:


And then there is always the good old masking tape and ruler for an unbeatable stripe.


Photo credits: 1.Anne-Marie Maginnis 2-3. Sunny's Goodtime Paint 4. via Design Sponge 5. Domino Magazine 6. Miles Redd

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